Azealia Banks Reportedly Moving To Miami Following Bizarre Cat-Cooking Video

Azealia Banks Reportedly Moving To Miami Following Bizarre Cat-Cooking Video
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Azealia Banks is all over the headlines again for the first time in months, although, like usual, not for a good reason. Followers of the hip-hop news circuit - and fans of Banks as well - know that the rapper was reported on after she allegedly dug up one of her cats and then boiled it as a ritual of some sort.

There was a significant backlash on Instagram, and the rapper appears to have deleted the posts, but the damage was already done. Now, the New York Post says Banks is moving out of California to Florida, Miami, and she packed a special item for the trip.

Banks reportedly took her cat's skull, feathers, champagne, and a $100 bill to Miami. You can check out what this post looks like on Instagram. See for yourself:

Reportedly, Banks is moving out of her four-bedroom, two-bathroom, LA home which was on 21801 San Miguel Street. It's not clear if Azealia's decision to move out of LA had anything to do with her posts, but most on social media have assumed that isn't the case.

As most know, this wouldn't be the first time a celebrity moved out of California for a southern or southeastern city. Last year, the host of The Joe Rogan Experience , Joe Rogan, announced he was packing his bags and moving out to Austin, Texas.

Joe had said repeatedly that he wanted to move out of California for many reasons, including the idea that there are "too many people," and also the pandemic rules. James Van Der Beek, for instance, from Dawson's Creek, was also in the headlines for a similar move.

The Dawson's Creek alum, who shares nearly half-a-dozen kids with his wife, said on his IG that he and his family moved out of the state simply because there were too many rules. The actor used one rule as an example of the absurdity: the law stating that his kids weren't allowed to throw a frisbee in a park.

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