Azealia Banks Puts Doja Cat On Blast - Says She's Fat And More

Azealia Banks Puts Doja Cat On Blast - Says She's Fat And More
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Azealia Banks hasn't been the most popular performing artist in recent years, but one thing she is good at is getting her name in the headlines for various reasons - usually negative. Earlier this week, for example, the rapper reportedly dug up her dead cat - who passed away three months ago - and then boiled its remains.

The star came under fire in a big way when she posted the video of her cooking up the cat. The rapper has posted similar videos to her social media accounts before, including one where it looked like she was cleaning up blood after sacrificing chickens.

At the time, the performing artist wrote in the caption of the video, "real witches do real s**t." Not a lot of people on social media liked what they saw, but that's neither here nor there. Now, Banks is coming under fire once again but this time for reasons related to Doja Cat.

Following her bizarre video in which she showed off the cat-boiling process, Azealia then shifted her priorities toward people like Lana Del Ray and Doja Cat , the latter of which whom she accused of being fat and nasty.

Azealia Banks watched a music video of Doja's, "Juicy," featuring Tyga, and recorded herself putting her fellow artist on blast by calling her fat among other insults. Banks could be heard saying in the video, "this is disgusting," before going on to say that Doja looked fat.

Azealia said it was "pre-diabetic," and then added again that it was "disgusting." As it was already noted above, Banks has been in the headlines a lot today. In fact, another report stated she was on her way out of Los Angeles for Miami, Florida.

Some people have speculated online that Banks is moving out of California to get away from the strict rules of the state, including curfews, the banning of gyms, and more.

Other big names who have moved out of California include Joe Rogan, who had been talking about it for years before he finally did it.

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