Azealia Banks Refuses To Back Down After Her Cat-Boiling Videos Spark Online Backlash

Azealia Banks Refuses To Back Down After Her Cat-Boiling Videos Spark Online Backlash
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On the 12th of January, Azealia Banks shocked a lot of people on the internet when she shared a video of her digging up the body of her deceased cat and then boiling its remains in order to extract its skull. Azealia's cat, Lucifer, was placed in the pot to boil all of its skin and fur off.

Then, Banks came under fire by many social media users and outlets that speculated whether she was going to eat its remains as some kind of ritual. Rather than bow to the criticism, Banks responded to it by drawing comparisons to other religions and faiths.

According to Banks, some of the most prominent religious movements, organizations, and faiths have used cannibalism and bloodshed as symbals in various contexts. To start off her response, Banks asked why her followers would think she would eat a cat when she doesn't even eat a cow.

The rapper went on to say that it was "taxidermy," arguing that hunters do the same thing with their kills by hanging deer heads and other animals on their wall. Banks also suggested all of her critics were being racist and "un-black lives matter."

Banks said the cat's head was soaking in peroxide so she could clean him, and then she was going to take him to a jewelry shop to "have it gilded." The rapper argued that her cat was an "icon," and it deserved to be preserved.

Additionally, Banks compared her religious practices to those of Christianity, including the idea that Christians eat the body of Christ at Mass, and also drink the blood of Jesus in the form of red wine. The rapper joked that Christians were basically like "vampires and cannibals."

Azealia claimed rabbis did similarly bizarre practices, including sucking the blood off of a newborn's circumcised penis. She went on to say that she didn't want to hear anyone talk about "preserving a cat skull," when taking other religious practices into consideration.

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