Ashanti Gives Ciara A Run For Her Money In Latest Fashion Faceoff Pictures

Ashanti Gives Ciara A Run For Her Money In Latest Fashion Faceoff Pictures
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This is a fashion face-off for the books, Ciara and Ashanti wore the same spectacular hot blue dress that features double slits in the front.

Ciara showed off her impressive figure in the sexy number back in 2016 and she paired it with matching thigh-high boots.

Ashanti donned the creation over the weekend at a Super Bowl event and opted for open-toe shoes. As to the question, who wore it best, fans are, of course, divided.

A fan of Ciara's said: "They both look great but Ciara! I think it’s because her legs are to die for."

While a person, who backs Ashanti, claimed: "They both look good, but Ashanti just did it WAYY better ❤️ - I said what I said idc."

Ashanti is locked up in the studio and getting ready to drop some new music this year. In a new interview, she said it will be personal and raw.

She stated: "I feel like I have a lot to say. I feel like the last album I put out was ... of course I'm going to say I feel like it was amazing. But there are so many things that have happened from the last time I put music out, so there are a lot of things to say. Especially with what's going on in the music industry and just the world, period. So, yeah, I have some stuff to say."

Ashanti went on to add the following about the project: "The new music, I'm saying things that I haven't said before and I probably wouldn't. But I think it's important to be just honest, transparent, [and] vulnerable at times and just be real. There are gonna be a few people that are gonna be mad about some of the things I'm talking about in these records. I've always written records from the heart, so if it's something that I'm not going through, maybe someone I'm close to has gone through it. But a lot of this stuff that I'm talking about, I'm going through. Some people [are] gonna be mad."

Imagine if Ciara and Ashanti collaborated on something together.

So who rocked that blue gown best?

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