Shawn Mendes Accidentally Likes Transphobic Joke And Apologises

Shawn Mendes Accidentally Likes Transphobic Joke And Apologises
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Shawn Mendes was involved in a small scandal, if you can believe it, but it turns out that it was all just a misunderstanding! The singer’s followers noticed that the singer pressed ‘like’ on an offensive tweet earlier this week and now, he is addressing the situation!

It looks like Shawn only appreciated the controversial post by accident!

When one fan demanded he unliked the tweet and apologized, Mendes replied: ‘Must [have] accidentally liked it scrolling down a feed, you know me, and I'd never. Sorry. Love u.’

The post was apparently a transphobic joke anyway so it makes no sense he would intentionally show appreciation to such offensive content since he is so supportive of the LGBTQ community.

In fact, in a pretty recent interview, Mendes was asked about his friend Teddy Geiger's transition and his response was very touching and inspirational.

He recalled that ‘There was a moment when I referred to Teddy as she, without thinking, and it actually takes time to be able to learn that, obviously. And the way that she looked at me was with this intense amount of joy I swear if everyone in the world experienced one of their best friends experiencing that, there would be no more questions,’ Shawn said.

He added that ‘People would not be questioning it. It is just not worth to question it. Let someone be and feel and live how they want to live.’

Meanwhile, Shawn Mendes is super happy to be nominated at the Grammys in two categories - Best Pop Vocal Album and Song of the Year.

Of course, he is over the moon about the nominations alone! Do you think he deserves to also win?

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