Artist Who Painted 50 Cent/Mike Tyson Mural Says He's Had Enough Harassment From 50's Fans

Artist Who Painted 50 Cent/Mike Tyson Mural Says He's Had Enough Harassment From 50's Fans
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50 Cent is known for being somewhat of a social media provocateur. An artist who may be a fan of the rapper has been painting murals all over his city involving 50 Cent and other famous entertainers, politicians, and sports athletes.

However, Hot New Hip Hop reported today that the artist took to his Instagram to say he has had enough of being assaulted for his art-work. Recently, in Australia, an artist with the handle, "lushsux," on Instagram, posted a mural in which 50 Cent's head was mixed with that of the boxing legend, Mike Tyson.

Reportedly, Lushsux loves to use 50 Cent's likeness to mix with other prolific figures, for instance, Post Malone, Donald Trump, and now, Mike Tyson. But he claims that he's been beaten up for doing so in his city.

50 Cent recently addressed the artwork on his social media when he claimed that the artist needed an "a** whooping bad." While it's unclear why 50 Cent is bothered by it, apparently, people in the streets have been following the rapper's suggestions.

Earlier today, the mural-creator said he was put in the hospital already because of the feud between himself and 50 Cent. He claimed that "6 or 7 smoothbrains" attacked him in the streets. He claims he's constantly under siege by people for creating the murals.

Paraphrasing what the artist had to say, the whole thing has grown "tiresome," but he'll continue doing it wherever he can because he believes that most people think it's at least somewhat funny unless they're "sociopathic pieces of s**t."

This isn't the only time 50 Cent has been in the media headlines in recent weeks. Following Tekashi 6ix9ine's release to home confinement after his nationwide racketeering and snitching scandal, Curtis Jackson came out to say that he wouldn't collaborate with Hernandez if he was asked.

In the past, the rapper claimed that he considered Daniel to be more of a son than his real offspring, Marquise Jackson. In response, Daniel said it wouldn't be the first time Jackson abandoned his child.

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