Are Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola Dating Again?

Are Olivia Culpo and Danny Amendola Dating Again?
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This past New Year's Eve, the former Miss Universe and Miami Dolphins wide receiver prompted speculation following their similar posts on social media in which they appeared to be in the same location. The pair posted content near beach grass and fireworks over an ocean while they brought in the beginning moments of 2019.

Moreover, it looked like Amendola's arm hung over Culpo in the background. As a consequence, it didn't take a very long time for people to begin noticing the similarities between the two images.

For that reason, fans of the couple are wondering if they had decided to start dating again. Is it possible they reconciled yet again following their split on the 31st of October? E! Online confirmed that Culpo broke up him with him in October when he was spotted hanging out with another woman on the beach in Miami, Florida.

Reportedly, a source who spoke with the outlet claimed the situation was both incredibly embarrassing and upsetting for her; it made her look bad, like an inferior woman. Moreover, the source claimed that it was just a misunderstanding on Danny's part, something he had tried to explain to her.

Despite his best intentions, Culpo wasn't willing to admit that maybe she was wrong and he really wasn't a cheater. In July, an insider who spoke with E! Online said that Danny and Olivia had started dating as an item once again.

They both needed "space" to really work things out, and as a result, they managed to piece things back together again. Maybe they're meant to be together after all? Danny is a departure from her last boyfriend in terms of career. Olivia dated Nick Jonas from 2013 to 2015. She even appeared in one his music videos in 2014, "Jealous."

Olivia, who is arguably one of the most popular models right now,  won the 2012 Miss Rhode Island pageant and Miss USA in 2012, before going on to win Miss Universe in 2012 as well.

Danny Amendola, like Olivia, signed a modeling contract, except Amendola signed with Ford Models in 2017. Established by Eileen and Gerard Ford in 1946, Ford Models is an international modeling agency based out of New York City.

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