Ariana Madix From 'Vanderpump Rules' Reveals That She Had Cancer!

Ariana Madix From 'Vanderpump Rules' Reveals That She Had Cancer!
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Ariana Madix is safe and healthy now. The Vanderpump Rules celeb took to her social media platform of choice to reflect on the year that just passed, among the good things that happened to her, also revealing that she had cancer!

She started by mentioning some of her fondest memories from 2018, including her trips to Japan and Cuba and proudly mentioned that she also started a business.

‘2018 was a year full of huge moments that were unplanned. Lifelong dreams fulfilled and unexpected hardships overcome,’ she wrote in her New Year’s Eve message to her followers.

She went on to reveal what hardships she was talking about, saying she ‘had to have a lil bit of cancer removed from [her] body and lymph nodes biopsied. (In the clear now!).’

In a video that she took after the biopsy was performed on her, Madix can be seen with a bandage on her armpit and neck.

She tells the camera that she was feeling ‘extra gross’ since she was not yet allowed to shower.

As Madix showed the bandages to the camera, she added: ‘I'm watching scary shows and what is really scary is what is going on in there. Still waiting on lymph node biopsy results, so hopefully next week I'll get a clear on that.’

Luckily, everything turned out alright and the woman was able to start the new year healthy and happy as well as full of hope that 2019 would be at least as good to her as 2018 was.

As she continued her reflection, Madix made it clear that she sometimes can set too many goals for herself at the same time and that she needs to take a step back instead and only focus on one thing at a time.' That's a pretty great resolution to have!

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