Are Joaquin Phoenix And Rooney Mara Giving Their Son River Phoenix A Sibling?

Are Joaquin Phoenix And Rooney Mara Giving Their Son River Phoenix A Sibling?
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Are Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara giving their son River Phoenix a sibling? That's the question many are asking due to an upcoming article in the May 24, 2021, issue of Us Weekly magazine. Joaquin and Rooney surprised fans when the couple revealed she was pregnant with their first child. People were further surprised and touched when they learned in September 2020 that Joaquin and Rooney decided to name their child after Joaquin's late brother, actor River Phoenix. Although the reports saying Joaquin and Rooney are planning to have more children haven't been confirmed, people are excited at the prospect of the Phoenix family growing.

A source said the following to the outlet.

They've talked about having another baby — [and] are hoping for it to [happen] within the next year or so.

Joaquin Phoenix is 46-years-old and Rooney Mara is 36 giving them plenty of time to have another baby in the time span mentioned by Us Weekly's source. Rooney Mara is used to large families as she has three siblings and her father is one of eleven children. Joaquin is one of five children and knows what it's like to grow up with siblings.

At this point, Rooney Mara has not stated if she is pregnant again.

As Rooney and Joaquin have settled into their new lives as parents with son River who will soon turn one-year-old, the two may be turning their attention back to acting again.

Rooney has taken a break from work with her last television series being in 2009 when she played the role of Megan on ER. She's had plenty of movie roles to keep her busy over the past decade including her Oscar-nominated performances for the movies The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2012) and Carol (2016). She is making a return to television with the upcoming mini-series Brideshead Revisited where she will reunite with her Carol co-star Cate Blanchett.

Joaquin has the movie C'mon C'mon to be released and fans are anxiously expecting confirmation that he will star in Joker 2.


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