Apparently, Leonardo DiCaprio And Camilla Morrone Are No Longer Together

Apparently, Leonardo DiCaprio And Camilla Morrone Are No Longer Together
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According to reports, Leonardo DiCaprio has been out having fun with his friends while Camilla Morrone, his ex-girlfriend, has been vacationing in St. Tropez with her mother.

According to an insider in the scene, Leo was out every night having fun. He has been spending time with several girls and his old entourage.

Before DiCaprio's separation was made public last week, the source remarked: I felt that was a bit odd when Camilla was in St. Tropez. In Malibu, during the day, DiCaprio was seen arriving at a party at a friend's house while appearing more toned.

DiCaprio mentioned another $10 million estate he bought on Carbon Beach in addition to his $13.75 million oceanfront home in Malibu that he purchased the year before. Known as "Billionaire's Beach" by locals due to its wealthy residents. Regarding his adventures in Malibu or his breakup with Morrone, the star's agent did not respond.

DiCaprio, 47, and Morrone, 25, reportedly split after four years of dating. Since the long Fourth of July weekend, they have not been pictured together. The "Titanic" star was spotted consoling Morrone in May after they had a tearful chat on a Malibu beach, but there had been whispers of a breakup for months.

The next summer, DiCaprio was spotted traveling alone across Europe. He was hanging out on a yacht in St. Tropez with a gang that included "Spider-Man" actor Tobey Maguire, who had previously been a member of DiCaprio's close group, the notorious "Pussy Crew."

Eventually, without her film star boyfriend, with whom she had only recently begun seeing in 2017, Morrone fled for St. Tropez alone.

In a previous post, Camila Morrone, the girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio, went to the beach in St. Tropez on Friday, but her mother, Lucila Solá, who looks just like her, took the spotlight.

Morrone, 25, flaunted her incredible physique in a small white bikini as her model mother, 46, lit up in a similarly revealing two-piece.




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