Ant Anstead Eliminates Social Media Due To 'Toxic' Commenters

Ant Anstead Eliminates Social Media Due To 'Toxic' Commenters

Ant Anstead is sick of social media. Page Six picked up on an Instagram post from the television show presenter in which he explained his thoughts and feelings toward social media as of late, including why he had to ban 100 people over the last few days.

This Sunday, Ant dropped a video of his wife, Christina Anstead, as she walked down a boardwalk. Ant says "happy anniversary" to her in the clip, joking that he says it to her every single Sunday, something that drives her nuts.

This came shortly before Anstead took to the platform to share what he really thinks. Anstead commented on the positivity that social media often brings to the table, however, he claims there is a dark side, a "toxic element."

Anstead went on to say that over the last several days, he had to block 100 people who were all lashing out at him. The reality star says he's going to move away from the platform for the next little while and use that time to take care of his family.

This comes after Anstead supported Christina's ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa, on the 'Gram. Anstead shouted out to Tarek amid the news that he and Heather Rae Young had finally decided to get married. They got engaged this past month.

Funnily enough, a commenter used the opportunity to throw shade at the group of four. The social media user asked why Anstead, Christina, Tarek, and Heather don't all get together and have a date. Anstead wrote in response, " thank you."

To finally sign off from Instagram, Anstead shared a picture of a sign that read, "back soon." As most know, this won't be the first time a public figure had to step away from Instagram and other social sharing platforms.

Stars such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift have all commented on the negativity that comes with massive followings.

Even Logic, the recently retired rapper, came out to say that he finally understood what stars were talking about when they complain about online hate.

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