Logic Says Joe Budden's Words Make People 'Want To Kill Themselves'

Logic Says Joe Budden's Words Make People 'Want To Kill Themselves'
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In July, Logic , the rapper, announced he was going to drop his final project, No Pressure, as a way of parting ways from his career . The performing artist announced this year that he was going to retire following the birth of his child with his wife.

The news came as a surprise to many of his fans, however, not everyone was displeased with the news. For instance, Joe Budden , the podcaster, came out to say that Logic should've retired a long time ago. Budden has been more than vocal when it comes to his hatred of Logic.

In fact, the podcaster has repeatedly said that Logic was easily one of the worst rappers of all time. It's not entirely clear why Joe Budden hates Logic so much, Hot New Hip Hop claims. However, not long after, Budden came out to apologize for his remarks.

Budden said he was just projecting some of his own problems onto the rapper. Obviously, Logic has his ears to the ground, because during his appearence on Hot 97, Logic addressed Joe's burning hatred for him, including his confusion over why Budden feels that way.

Logic said to the host, "he doesn't like me for whatever reason, before going to explain how Joe probably believes he's not "black enough" or isn't a "good enough" rapper. Moreover, Logic says Budden 's hatred toward him played a crucial role in his feelings of depression over the years.

He said, "your words, they make people want to kill themselves, bro." While people initially supported the No Pressure artist, commenters have since argued that it would've been better had Logic not said anything at all.

Others backed him up and argued that it was important for people to speak up about mental health issues as well as suicide prevention.

As it was previously reported, Logic came out to say some of the worst moments of his life came from when he first started to become very famous. The rapper explained how his "darkest" moments in life were at the peak of his fame.

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