Lisa Vanderpump Sued For Allegedly Not Paying SUR Employees

Lisa Vanderpump Sued For Allegedly Not Paying SUR Employees
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Vanderpump Rules is continuing to fall under hard times. Page Six said today that Lisa's restaurant, SUR, has found itself in hot water over claims management hasn't been paying its staff.

This past Friday, Page Six reported, Ken Todd and Lisa Vanderpump were slapped with a class-action lawsuit regarding unpaid overtime wages. As most know, the show became famous through the reality series, Vanderpump Rules.

This Tuesday, Olivia Hanson claimed she and other SUR employees had to work more than eight hours per day, forty hours per week, and many days in a row without being paid adequately for it Moreover, the suit claims SUR's management manipulated hours and records and also didn't allow adequate rests and breaks.

Fans of Vanderpump Rules know this won't be the first time the restaurant has come under fire. Back in January of this year, it was revealed they were sued for similar charges, including not paying minimum or overtime wages and not providing meal breaks.

The allegations were made in relation to a number of their establishments, including Villa Blanca, SUR, and Tom Tom. Villa Blanca has since shut down, however, the legal dispute has continued. Furthermore, the Vanderpump Dog Foundation was sued by a former employee in January due to "intolerable working conditions."

As it was noted above, SUR has definitely come under hard times this past year. For instance, Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute were both removed from the show following Faith Stowers' allegations of bullying and racism.

Stassi and Kristin lost their jobs on the show for calling the police on Stowers in 2018 for bearing resemblance to a black woman who was wanted for theft.

Stassi and Doute had admitted to it before, however, when Faith brought it up again amid the Black Lives Matter protests, they faced consequences for their actions. These days, both parties have remained relatively silent.

What makes it particularly challenging for SUR, is that Vanderpump Rules lost two of its original members. Other members were fired as well.

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