Angelina Pivarnick Is Yet To Speak To Her Co-Stars After Hurtful Bridesmaids Speech At Her Wedding

Angelina Pivarnick Is Yet To Speak To Her Co-Stars After Hurtful Bridesmaids Speech At Her Wedding
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After their hurtful bridesmaids speech at her wedding, it sounds like Angelina Pivarnick has no plans to forgive her Jersey Shore co-stars! As you may have heard, the reality TV celeb was so upset hearing what the ladies that were supposed to have her back said about her that she cried during her special day!

In fact, she felt so bad about the whole thing that she’s seriously considering planning a redo wedding!

JWoww, Snooki and Deena Cortese, who Angelina has known for years, were just trying to make their speech funny but the bride was not amused.

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Angelina has not spoken to Deena, Nicole or Jenni since her wedding day and has no desire to whatsoever. Angelina felt it was beyond uncalled for and has no plans to ever forgive them.’

At this point, it seems like she is struggling to even comprehend that they did this to her and coping with the disastrous wedding.

The insider stated that Angelina ‘feels they ruined her wedding. She feels that Deena, Nicole and Jenni took something from her and she will never forget it. Angelina is still so hurt by all of the girls. She didn’t expect this on her wedding day.’

From the look of things, it really appears that the other reality TV ladies will have to do a lot to be forgiven.

At the same time, Snooki has actually left the show and previous insider reports have claimed that one of the main reasons she quit was because she felt so bad about the speech at Angelina’s wedding.

Will they manage to fix their friendship at any point? Only time will tell!


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  • RavenT
    RavenT Dec 15, 2019 11:17 PM PST

    I wouldn’t give them so called women ; The Time Of Day!!!! What them 3 did is unforgivable PERIOD!! Your suppose to be women who have children mind you. It was meant as a joke; Give Me A Break!! Who Are You Trying To Kid!!! This was her Wedding Day not some Damn Roast!!! All you 3 did was show what kind of Women/Ladies with no class you Truly Are!! That was Tasteless , Mean , Just Plain “ UGLY “. You 3 should Be Ashamed of Yourselves ( which I don’t believe you are ). Camera’s / For Show or not.. You should’ve had more Class than that & told Producers you can’t & won’t be apart of that no matter what. Any woman with Class would’ve did just that. I’m almost Positive this was your Doings alone, which is why you 3 ruined The Most Important Day of Any Woman’s Life. I can see All H... Break Loose had this been done “ By Anyone “ at either of your weddings. Your The Lowest of Low to do this in The Presence of Her Family & Chris’s as well. You 3 Malicious, I cant even call you women. YOU 3 MEAN GIRLS , took What Should’ve Been The Most Beautiful , Memorable Day of Theirs & Their Loved Ones lives away from them & turned it into The JWow, Snooki & Deena’s - How We Truly Feel About Angelina Moment. All About You You You!!! One thing I can is- You 3 Love Karma so Much!! Get Ready for it Because it’s coming for you next. As far as Pauline, Vinny, Mike & Ronnie; I’m Sorry but you all were invited weren’t you? You were all there ; Why didn’t any of you Step In & Stop them 3 B......!!! Free Words of Advice - God Don’t Like Ugly!!! Even if Angelina & Chris go through with a Do Over, It’ll never Be what they planned & hoped for. You all Tarnished That & took it away from them period. How could anyone be so Hateful & so Ugly!!! The shows producers should be bending over backwards as well as The 3 Mean Girls & make sure - You 2 Get The Wedding of Your Dreams & more... Paid for In Full by all who played apart of ruining your day.

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