Kandi Burruss Reveals That She Had To Do Counseling With Surrogate Before Shadina Blunt Carried Blaze Tucker

Kandi Burruss Reveals That She Had To Do Counseling With Surrogate Before Shadina Blunt Carried Blaze Tucker
Credit: Source: Bravo

Now that she has welcomed her third child, Blaze Tucker, she can't stop singing the praises of using a surrogate. In a new interview with TMZ, the songwriter revealed more about what the process was like.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was hesitant to let another woman carry her child although she wasn't able to. After speaking with fellow Bravolebrity Dr. Jackie, she was introduced to Shadina Blunt who had already been a surrogate for another couple.

TMZ caught up with the reality star where she revealed that she had to go to counseling with Todd Tucker and Shadina before going through with the process.

Burruss explained that some people don't have any sort of relationship with their surrogate but they decided to go a different route.

She also couldn't stop talking about how good of a person Shadina was.

'Over time we have become really, really cool. Her name is Shadina. She's a really good person. She has a medical background so she's like super smart. She had a lot of information. This was her second time carrying for a family. so she really helped us through the process.'

She then plugged in Blunt's surrogacy consulting business.

Kandi has been transparent about the process on the latest season of RHOA. She also is being honest about the judgment that she received from other people -- including family members.

The mother of three revealed that there was a relative who hurt her feelings in a recent Youtube video.

'There was a moment where I definitely felt guilty. I got a little teary eyed because there was a family member of mine, they just kind of text me when they first found out I was thinking about a surrogate and they were like, ‘I mean…why you wanna have a surrogate? Don’t you wanna just carry the baby by yourself?’ It was on text message. I replied and was like, ‘Well, I would if I could but obviously I had issues with delivering in my last pregnancy.’ They were like, ‘Don’t you want to be able to bond with your baby?’ They said some other stuff like, ‘Why wouldn’t you just get one of your family members to help you?’ It was just a lot and I was just like, okay, family member [laughs]. She really hurt my feelings.'

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