Angelina Jolie Spotted Selling Organic Dog Treats While Out With Kids In Local Park

Angelina Jolie Spotted Selling Organic Dog Treats While Out With Kids In Local Park
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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been embroiled in a brutal custody battle now for the last few years, amid which Brad claimed his estranged wife was using their children as photo-ops to make herself look good for the sake of full primary custody.

And according to Mercury News, recently, Angelina Jolie fans have been thrilled to see pictures of her and Brad's kids, Knox and Vivienne, 10, Shiloh, 12, Zahara, 13, as well as Pax and Maddox, 14, and 17. In one instance, Jolie took her children to a Target for hot dogs.

Additionally, she took Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox to Disneyland, and also visited a game room and Whole Foods with the twins and Zahara. It probably didn't please Brad to see that Angelina took her kids to a local dog park near their Los Feliz mansion.

The children along with Jolie were photographed by the paparazzi with a homemade sign, selling organic dog treats packed in small, brown, paper baggies. Sarah Ramos, the TV star, recently shared a photo of the family's dog park outing on her Instagram account -  reports Page Six.

Ramos confirmed Jolie and the kids were selling treats for a "charity" for Hope For Paws Rescue. It's a Los Angeles-based animal rescue non-profit organization. The picture was actually taken way back in November, the publication reported.

On her Instagram account, Ramos said that she had to tell her fans and followers that she saw Jolie with her kids selling organic dog treats in a dog park. Formerly, Ramos was a writer and actress who had a role in NBC's Parenthood.

Ramos, who is obsessed with getting an autograph, said that she didn't bother them with the photo for the sake of Angelina and her children. Probably a compassionate response, considering the bitter custody battle Brad and Angelina have been involved in lately.

In December, Pitt and Angelina finally reached a settlement, but no details were revealed. The Blast said that Pitt, unfortunately, didn't get the 50/50 arrangement, but he would be able to get more time with his six kids over time and in incremental steps.

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