Kanye West Sues Jay Z And Says He 'Helped Revitalize' His Career - Their Feud Is Back On!

Kanye West Sues Jay Z And Says He 'Helped Revitalize' His Career - Their Feud Is Back On!
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Back in September, the two rappers made peace! However, it looks like it wasn’t meant to last since, according to new reports, Kanye West filed not one but two lawsuits against Jay Z’s record companies Roc-A-Fella Records and EMI.

Kim Kardashian’s husband wants his rightful earnings, which is why he decided to take legal action, reports TMZ.

As fans know all too well, Kanye was a pretty big influence in the two companies.

Now, in one of the suits, he claims to have signed an exclusive recording agreement with Roc-A-Fella, the company for which he started to produce back in 2000 and therefore, wants a ‘declaration of rights.’

As for the second lawsuit, Ye says that in 2003, he signed a contract with EMI before he rose to fame.

According to his filing, Jay Z’s company still owes him the rights to over two hundred songs that he apparently wrote and co-wrote before 2011.

The outlet goes on to say that both lawsuits are ‘heavily redacted’ which means that the rest of the rappers’ legal drama is still unknown.

Either way, the main idea is that Kanye wants more rights and more money and that his beef with his former friend is back on.

The Blast even reported that Ye credited himself with ‘helping revitalize Jay Z’s career’ since he produced no less than four songs on Jay’s 2001 album, The Blueprint.

A decade or so later, the two even dropped Watch the Throne, their joint album!

Not too long after, their friendship started to crumble, however, and the rest is history!

Do you think that Kanye and Jay Z will manage to be friends again one day or not?

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