Andy Cohen Reveals How He Reacted To Nene Leakes Quitting Rumors

Andy Cohen Reveals How He Reacted To Nene Leakes Quitting Rumors
Credit: Source: Reality Blurb

Bravo head honcho Andy Cohen not only acts as the staple of the entire network but also has to deal with the stars on a regular basis. Which is why when he heard Nene Leakes could be leaving the Real Housewives of Atlanta -- he didn't flinch.

If you're a Housewives stan, you'd know that each and every star on the different franchises have a diva side. The Atlanta ladies are the highest-rated and rumored to be the highest paid Bravolebrities.

With big ratings come big personalities and Nene is arguably the superstar of the cable station.

Wendy Williams recently made headlines when she announced that she received a text from her friend claiming that she was done with the show. The talk show host went on to publicly beg Leakes not to quit but also encouraged her to reveal a huge secret that she was hiding.


Nene and her reps addressed the viral moment shortly after and said that there has been no decisions made regarding Nene's future on the series.

The Broadway star even made a video explaining that she felt betrayed by Williams who took her venting session out of context. But the two remain friends.

Andy spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the incident.

'A lot of people have been talking about NeNe texting Wendy Williams, saying that she quit the Housewives. I was telling someone, look, I get text messages from Housewives all the time saying, ‘I quit! That’s it. I quit!’ So, I say, OK, let’s take a pause. Let’s talk tomorrow, because maybe if we talk tomorrow, you won’t feel as heated as you do today about it, so it’s a natural process of the evolution of being a Housewife that you quit to me several times.'

It seemingly didn't phase him at all because it's just a normal day in the life of Andy Cohen.


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