Anderson Cooper Is Loving The Nanny Suggested To Him From Friend Andy Cohen

Anderson Cooper Is Loving The Nanny Suggested To Him From Friend Andy Cohen
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Fans of Andy Cohen know that he spoke with his close friend, Anderson Cooper when Cooper needed a nanny for his kid. Earlier this month, Cohen announced that he sent his longtime nanny to work for the CNN host when he had Wyatt back in April of this year.

In a new interview with People Magazine, Cohen explained that he recently got a different caregiver for his kids and they're doing fine with the new situation. During his chat with reporters from the outlet, the Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen host said Cooper's household was doing quite well.

Regarding his own circumstances, Cohen said the transition he recently went through also went down without any problems, which is crucial, especially with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. As it was previously reported, Cohen made the announcement near the beginning of the month.

On the Radio Andy talk show, the 51-year-old Bravo TV mainstay explained that he was doing whatever he could to help out his close friend get used to fatherhood. Getting the right nanny for one's child is a difficult task, but Cohen was able to help the CNN host.

Cohen explained at the time that they had been planning the transition in advance, however, the recent coronavirus pandemic really affected their plans. With that said, everything managed to go down without any problems.

During his appearence on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert near the start of May, Cooper explained that he's a frugal person. He loves to get a great deal. In fact, it's one of the reasons why he got hand-me-down clothes for his son, Wyatt.

It's been a great year for Cohen and Cooper's friendship. Suzy Kerr reported earlier this year that both men are fully convinced their children will become best friends as time goes on. Cohen had his son in February 2019, and Cooper just had Wyatt.

On his Instagram Stories a few weeks ago, Cohen addressed some of the questions from his fans, one that revolved around Cohen and Cooper's children. The host smiled when the fan asked if they were going to be "be best friends," because he definitely thinks it'll happen.

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