Anderson Cooper Says He First Learned The Nature Of His True Sexuality When He Was Just 7

During an episode of Full Circle this Monday, Anderson Cooper claimed he first realized […]

Posted on Jan 12, 2021 2:47 PM PST

Anderson Cooper Says Sorry After Calling Trump An 'Obese Turtle'

Anderson Cooper came out this week to say that he was sorry for […]

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Anderson Cooper Compares Donald Trump To A Turtle ‘On Its Back' Dying In The Sun And His Words Go Viral - Check Out The Memes!

Anderson Cooper did not hold anything back when he dragged Donald Trump, going as […]

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Jennifer Lawrence Says She Called Out Anderson Cooper For Suggesting She Faked Her Fall At The 2013 Oscars

According to Jennifer Lawrence, she once confronted Anderson Cooper, the CNN anchor, who supposedly […]

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Anderson Cooper Says That Becoming A Dad Is His 'Dream Come True,' Also Reveals Why He Is Co-Parenting With His Ex

Anderson Cooper surprised his fans back in April when he announced on CNN’s Anderson […]

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Andy Cohen's And Anderson Cooper's Birthdays Are One Day Apart — Gemini Brothers

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper have much in common and their special bond is […]

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Anderson Cooper Is Loving The Nanny Suggested To Him From Friend Andy Cohen

Fans of Andy Cohen know that he spoke with his close friend, Anderson Cooper […]

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Anderson Cooper Opens Up About Co-Parenting His Baby Boy With Benjamin Maisani Despite Not Being Together Anymore!

As you might know, Anderson Cooper is a new dad since he welcomed son […]

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Andy Cohen Thinks That His Son Benjamin Is Going To Be 'Best Friends' With Anderson Cooper's Son Wyatt

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper are close friends who have both experienced the same […]

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Anderson Cooper Says He Won't Be Taking Paternity Leave After The Birth Of His Son Via Surrogate

Anderson Cooper won't be taking a break from his job anytime soon. Fans of […]

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