Amy Duggar King Pregnant Expecting First Child With Husband Dillon King

Amy Duggar King Pregnant Expecting First Child With Husband Dillon King
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Amy Duggar King is pregnant with her and husband Dillion King's first child. The happy couple shared their joyous news via Instagram on Easter Sunday, using the holiday as part of their announcement.

Along with sharing their baby news on social media, the couple spoke with People magazine about finally expanding their family.

"We are completely speechless, overly excited and ready for the next chapter as new parents!" Amy shared with the magazine.

Rumors have been running ramped for months that the couple, who wed in 2015 were expecting. Amy and Dillion have spoken openly about their desire to become parents, which is partly how all of the rumors got started.

"The kids are coming. We've been practicing," Dillion shared with People magazine at the end of last year. It turns out he knew something at that time the rest of us did not.

Now that their dreams are becoming a reality, the couple is getting real about their excitement and concern for the next chapter in their lives. They are both nervous about becoming parents for the first time, which is par for the course for new parents.

"The learning curve of being a new father is kind of terrifying, but at the same time equally astonishing," Dillion admitted.

While he is terrified of his impending new role, Amy is already experiencing several changes as she prepares to become a mother. One of them is learning to give up things in life she loves, like Chick-fil-A.

She is learning her child will not like everything she does. Baby King has not inherited his or her mother's love of chicken. Therefore, Amy has had to say good-bye to her favorite fast food chain.

Even though the baby does not share her love of chicken, Amy is thrilled to experience motherhood.

"I'm over the moon about becoming a momma! I just can't hardly wait!" she declared to the People magazine.

The famous cousin of the 19 & Counting family, Amy Duggar King is pregnant with her first child, which is due to make her and husband Dillion King parents in October.

Their journey to parenthood was not an easy one. Amy and Dillion have struggled in their marriage for years. They have been open about their problems to showcase that marriage is not perfect. The King's even appeared on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars one year after they wed.

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