Eminem Celebrates 11 Years Of Sobriety With Inspirational Instagram Message To Fans

Eminem Celebrates 11 Years Of Sobriety With Inspirational Instagram Message To Fans
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Eminem marked 11 years sober on April 10th, and he celebrated his accomplishment with an inspirational Instagram message.

The rapper only shared a picture of his 11-year medallion with the caption, "Still not afraid." However, the meaning behind Eminem's Instagram message is inspirational and influential for his fans. There are great designs and phrases on the chip that represents how Eminem lives his life every day now.

His coin is engraved with the word's unity, strength and recovery to represent how all three things are needed to achieve and embrace sobriety. There is also the phrase which anyone is recovery knows all too well, as it is a vital part of staying sober. "To thine own self be true." Is written on the coin. The Roman Numeral sign for the number 11 is engraved too.

Eminem didn't need to use words to share his inspirational message with his fans. Those who have followed his journey know he has struggled to get to where he is today. Everything written on the coin has an impact on him because he is fully aware of not only how far he has come but how close he came to losing everything, including his life.

The rapper did not hold back in his 2017 album that focused on his addiction and his struggle to stay clean. One song, ‘Castle' is an open letter to his daughter Hailie Jade Mathers , with one of the verses referencing how he almost died of an overdose on Hailie's 12th birthday.

Along with using his music to share his story, Marshall Mathers has spoken out about his journey. He gets candid regarding how he used to get pills anywhere he could and how his children keep him sober. Eminem also has also revealed how he uses exercise to help keep him on the straight and narrow.

Achieving not only 11 years sober but also celebrating his 46th birthday last year are milestones for Eminem. In 2007 he almost lost his life, so those two milestones huge for the rapper. He is constantly reminding himself and others of just how far he has come over the years.

Eminem's inspirational Instagram post sharing his 11-year chip may not be compelling to everyone, but for the rapper it is everything. He deserves props for working so hard to stay sober. Anyone who fights for their sobriety can relate, so keep doing what you are doing Marshall Mathers!

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