Kanye West Debuts New Song 'Water' At Easter Sunday Service At Coachella

Kanye West Debuts New Song 'Water' At Easter Sunday Service At Coachella
Credit: Source: Kanye West/Coachella/YouTube

Kanye West led Coachella festival-goers in church on Easter morning and also treated them to a new song he has "Water." It was known that Kanye was going to bring his Sunday Service to Coachella but it was unclear how festival goers would respond. Kanye has been holding Sunday Services in Calabasas, California since January and they have grown in attendance.

Fellow celebrities have joined in and many videos from the services have gone viral. Kim Kardashian West frequently adds videos from Kanye's Sunday Service on her Instagram stories and many people have said they like Kanye's gospel music side.

Kim Kardashian teased Kanye West's Coachella Sunday Service saying she had no idea what to expect.ย  Though no one knew just what would happen, everyone expected it to be spiritual and for Kanye to take Coachella to church, and that's what he did.

Many people have described what Kanye West did at Coachella as not only unprecedented but historic.

You can see Kanye West performing the new song Water in the video player below.

Kanye West brought the full choir with instruments including the harp to an outdoor area away from a stage. Kanye has been holding his services in open-air venues and it seems that this format is helping people connect spiritually to God as well as creation.

Coachella wasn't an exception to the open air format as this is how he has been holding his Sunday services.

Kanye also had plenty of merch on hand for festival goers to purchase including sweatshirts or as people on social media are referring to them "Kanye's Chruch Clothes."

While many people enjoyed Kanye's Coachella Sunday service, those who watched online weren't praising the telescope lens in which the stream was viewed. Some complained that they weren't able to enjoy the full performance due to the fisheye view and others began making memes and jokes about it. Some social media users compared it to the Teletubbies intro.

What do you think of Kanye West's spiritual Easter service at Coachella? Though Kanye always had a strong spiritual influence in his music, most people agree that he seems to have moved fully forward in a new direction with his faith.

After Coachella and the debut of "Water", many people believe Kanye West will release the new album Yandhi sometime this year.

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