Ammika Harris Is Twinning With Aeko In Her Latest Photo - She Sparks Cosmetic Surgery Rumors

Ammika Harris Is Twinning With Aeko In Her Latest Photo - She Sparks Cosmetic Surgery Rumors
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Ammika Harris shared a photo on her social media account in which she is twinning with her and Chris Brown 's baby boy, Aeko. Check out the gorgeous photo below.

The pic sparked cosmetic intervention rumors - some followers assumed that she had something done to her lips.

A follower asked her: 'who did your lips? 😍' and a fan said: 'they are naturally big, even her teenager pics she has huge lips.'

Someone else posted: 'hers are naturally big but she also overlines them w lip liner, you can see in her other pics,' and one other follower said: 'Baby Aeko took his beauty from you.'

One other commenter gushed over her beauty and said: 'Love your natural beauty 🔥' and one other fan praised Ammila's eyes: '@ammikaaa do you know how much I love your eyes😩'

Someone said: 'Love to see that you aren’t posting much on here❣️ it says a lot of good things,' and more other fans gushed over Ammika's natural looks.

A lot of fans asked Ammika when she will reunite with Chris because, as you know by now, she is in Germany now and he's in the US.

Due to the pandemic, it's pretty hard to travel these days, so the couple will have to wait some more until they can reunite.

Also, it's been revealed that these two unfollowed each other on IG, but the reason is not very clear yet.

In other news, Chris Brown ‘s baby mama, Ammika Harris made her fans happy with some amazing pics in which she’s sporting an orange swimsuit under the rays of the sun. She looks amazing and she also has baby Aeko with her.

Also, Ammika seems to be in the mood for  shooting some amazing photos , and she dropped the latest pics on her IG account.

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