Ammika Harris Flaunts A Flawless Look And Reveals Her Current Read To Fans

Ammika Harris Flaunts A Flawless Look And Reveals Her Current Read To Fans
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Ammika Harris shared a gorgeous photo on her social media account in which she looks flawless in black. She also made sure to tell her fans what's the current book that she is reading.

A follower told Aeko's mom: 'So random but I could see you making a selfie/outfit scrapbook or something along those lines.'

Someone posted this: 'I love this entire look! Keep it up this time🖤.'

A commenter wrote: 'Imagine being this gorgeous every day of your life... You are so beautiful, physically and mentally! 😍💙' and someone else said: '@chrisbrownofficial hurry up with the ring 🤣.'

One other follower posted this question but Ammika did not answer: 'Hi pretty! Would you mind if I ask you will you go back to US after this pandemic? @ammikaaa.'

Ammika also shared a photo featuring more books and she told fans what's the current read.

'Currently reading: Becoming Supernatural. Wbu?☺️,' she captioned her post.

A commenter asked Chris Brown's baby mama: 'On average long does it take you to read a book,' and she responded with: 'Aeko is the boss.'

The follower said: 'that was expected but you have a handsome baby boy and I wanna say thank you for sharing him with us 🙂❤️'

Someone else asked Ammika for a house tour: 'Ammika when we getting a full house tour? I love it ❤️'

Ammika Harris’ fans have been asking her to do a tour of her home , and she  dropped some pics  from there just to show fans a bit of her place.

‘There’s no right or wrong when it comes to ART. I always thought I need to rush to get everything done so I feel at home. But the longer I am here the more I realize to make it feel home, there’s no urge to have everything set up. Everything good takes time. Finding the right pieces, pieces that I really love takes time. Everything is not perfect yet, and I am ok with it,’ she was telling fans a while ago.

People cannot wait to see her new home in Germany.

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