Ammika Harris Drives BF Chris Brown Wild With Racy Mirror Photos Where She Shows What Is Under Her Coat

Ammika Harris Drives BF Chris Brown Wild With Racy Mirror Photos Where She Shows What Is Under Her Coat
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Ammika Harris, who is Chris Brown's girlfriend, recently took to social media, and she shocked her fans with a series of mirror selfies where she left nothing to the imagination.

In the photos, the 26-year-old Instagram star who is wearing a leather coat and nothing else. Chris's model baby mama gave her followers an eyeful with the photos where she almost flashed her fans while standing over a mirror.

One fan had this to say: "I'm happy that i din't see anything." It was recently revealed that Chris and Ammika are having fun while apart.

A source told Hollywood Life : "Chris has an admiration for Ammika that is very strong and is only amplified being physically away from her. He really wants her to be happy, and he knows that he will be happy when he gets to see her. He always loves talking to her, and when he isn't, that is when he makes comments about her on her Insta. It's not really a warning to any guys out there when he comments, and it is more of a fun, flirty type message to make sure she knows he is always thinking about her."

The insider went on to say: "It's been so long since Chris has seen Ammika, and of course, he misses her. He sees the comments other guys leave on her Instagram, plus he's well aware that other men must be checking her out wherever she goes despite the lockdown, even if it's just to the store. Chris isn't the jealous type, but she's still the mother of his son, and he's super attracted to her. What guy wouldn't be?"

The pal concluded by: "Being apart has actually been strengthening their bond because not only has distance made the heart grow fonder, but the physical aspect doesn't get in the way and they communicate on a really deep level. Chris is proud to let it be known how he feels about Ammika. Chris and Ammika have had some growing pains, things have gone up and down and there have been times they are so together and then other times when they can't get on the same page but right now things are good and they're getting along really well."

Baby Aeko has changed a lot of things for his two parents.

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