Eva Marcille Puts The Focus Back On Something That Truly Matters, Fans Say

Eva Marcille Puts The Focus Back On Something That Truly Matters, Fans Say
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Eva Marcille 's video that she shared on her social media account has some fans saying that it's good that she puts the focus back on what truly matters these days. Check out her post below.

Someone said: 'Thank you for sharing this message!' and someone else said: 'That part!! People worried about things that really don’t concern them. I personally don’t give a damn what goes on in grown folks business.'

Someone else said: 'FACTS. Stay focused and avoid distractions,' and one other follower posted this: 'Period. People worried about the wrong things.'

One other follower posted this: 'If we didn't enjoy the drama you would be unemployed @evamarcille,' and another follower said: 'You betta teach my young beautiful black brother!! Get cha minds right!! Fill them with knowledge not gossip!!! BLM!'

Someone else said 'Thank Goodness someone put this sh*t in perspective! It's like people want to find something negative to say about people especially if they have long relationships like Will and Jada. Move around people! Breonna Taylor still doesn't have justice.'

Another follower posted this message: 'Exactly!!!! What I've been saying for a minute!!! The LGBTQ community interfering with BLM is also one too!....but only some of y'all would understand that.'

Eva  continues to address the BLM movement and people’s rights.

She managed to enrage some of her fans and followers on her social media account with the following footage.

Also, a few days ago, Eva  shared a post a couple of days ago with a bottle of water placed on the terrace under the moonlight. Fans ended up  calling her a sinner .

Other than this, Eva is living her best life at home together with her family these days, and she's been making sure to keep fans updated, and she keeps posting pics and videos on her social media account.

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