Jessica White Shares Provocative Photo With Nick Cannon That Leads To Heart-Wrenching Revelations

Jessica White Shares Provocative Photo With Nick Cannon That Leads To Heart-Wrenching Revelations
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Via social media, model Jessica White opened up like never before about her on-and-off romance with Nick Cannon and made a few heart-wrenching revelations.

The exchange took place after the model shared a provocative photo of herself hugging Nick, who uses his torso to hide her modesty for she appears to have nothing on.

A fan on Instagram had a few questions about her relationship with Nick, and she decided to respond by revealing that she has been struggling with infertility issues.

She also revealed: "Nick and I have been together off and on for years . Their new child was conceived when we had temporarily broken up. Any child is a blessing. This is the last time I will answer these questions. I am no home wrecker at all. Nick was a free man at that time and can be with whoever he so chooses and for years that person has always been me. That is between him and Britney I support him through thick and thin as he does the same for me. Have a blessed day. I hope this clears up people's misconceptions as I am being honest about this delicate and complicated situation. With that I hope to stop having to answer this nonsense and focus on the important things in life . Long life health healing spirituality and the current climate in the world as it pertains to us all . The whole world is suffering at this time I would hope to see more positivity than negativity god bless you all."

A defender wrote: "no explanations necessary. People need to mind their business and stay in their lane. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️"

A critic wrote: "She loves him but nick loves @iamjypsywhite has been with nick for years. @missbbell wants a relationship with nick that will never happen. He already said he would not be married again nor does he believe in monogamy."

Another commenter chimed in: "What does infertility issues have to do with him getting another woman PREGNANT? All the more reason to leave him. You miscarried and he has the nerve to impregnate someone else??? Have some self-respect than that."

This naysayer stated: "Thank you for showing me the type of relationship I will never want & never strive for. The moment you need to announce it's not an entanglement, that's exactly what you're in. Good luck to yall, his love child, and the female he got pregnant. I could never be in this predicament, so I leave this type of toxicity up to women like you. Enjoy!"

Jessica recently confirmed that Nick and his ex, Brittany Bell, are expecting their second child together.

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