American Horror Story Star Evan Peters Will Not Appear In Season 9, His Break-Up With Emma Roberts To Blame?

American Horror Story Star Evan Peters Will Not Appear In Season 9, His Break-Up With Emma Roberts To Blame?
Credit: Source: Us Weekly

Evan Peters is going on hiatus from American Horror Story . Amid his breakup with AHS star Emma Roberts, Peters confirmed that he will not be a part of Season 9, ending his streak of eight consecutive seasons on the show.

“I’m going to sit a season out,” Peters shared.

Peters has played a variety of parts on AHS over the past eight seasons. This includes the likes of Tate Langdon, Jimmy Darling, and James March. In an interview last year, the actor admitted that playing so many different roles is “exhausting” and often bleeds into his real life.

Last month, he confessed that he felt burnt out starring on the show and needed a break to regroup.

According to Daily Mail , Peters’ former girlfriend, Emma Roberts, will be featured in a lead role in Season 9. Gus Kenworthy, a skier who has competed in the Olympics, will play her romantic interest. The fact that Roberts is still on the show has led to speculation that she is the real reason why Peters is taking a break.

Peters has not commented on the rumors surrounding Roberts. Although he is not playing a role on AHS next season, his schedule is plenty busy with other projects. The actor is slated to appear as Quicksilver in the upcoming superhero movie, Dark Phoenix .

He is also set to play the lead in a movie called I Am Woman and will appear in a comedy with Josh Gad and Jon Bernthal called Snow Ponies .

For her part, Roberts has seemingly moved on from her relationship with Peters. The actress is reportedly dating Garrett Hedlund and was recently spotted enjoying a romantic afternoon with the actor. As far as her breakup with Peters is concerned, inside sources say that the split was amicable and that the two are still on good terms.

Roberts has not commented on Evan Peters’ decision to step away from American Horror Story .


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