Amber Rose Addresses The So-Called Friends And Erica Mena Feels The Same - Check Out Their Posts

Amber Rose Addresses The So-Called Friends And Erica Mena Feels The Same - Check Out Their Posts
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Amber Rose has posted a lengthy message on her social media account in which she's telling fans and followers that she's been through a lot with so-called friends. Erica Mena is here for Amber's message, and she details her own sad experiences.

Here's Amber's post below:

Erica entirely agrees and posts the following words:

'Crazy how much this hit home. I’ve never had anyone I called a friend come at me once it comes to my child or my man but WOW I’ve had a whole grown ass man I thought was my BF/ Brother steal 17k that I know of from me - used my identity, all while I literally housed and taken care of him FOR YEARS. The heart break and violating feeling you feel is seriously nothing I would wish on anyone,' she began.

Erica continued and said: 'Moral of the story is Yolanda’s come in many disguise. Especially in this business people become leeches. People wear mask just to take advantage of you. You can’t trust and you can’t be open arms because in the end it only hurts you. - Karma is real. And I know the universe will take care of his pathetic ass in ways I can’t. Cutting off that thief reminds me every day even more to Stay protected.'

Somoene said: 'Bob Marley said it “ your enemy can be your best friend and your best friend your worst enemy”💯💯💯💯'

Another follower posted: 'Yep! Had a "friend" steal an entire paycheck from me when I let her stay at my place!...I have 1 person I can legit call a friend and she is in a different state!!'

One other commenter wrote: 'Facts and the sad part is is when you call out narcissistic behavior they wanna flip the script that’s why you just let go and let god don’t wish bad on you but I see you for who you are not for who I thought you were I don’t care what title you hold friend family member anything toxic gotta go and once you let them go you sleep peacefully every night 😂'

What do you think about the ladies' messages?

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