Jay-Z Teams Up With The NFL For Social Justice Initiatives And Entertainment

Jay-Z Teams Up With The NFL For Social Justice Initiatives And Entertainment
Credit: BET

Not too long ago, an unknown man had shown up at the home of mega-celebrities Jay-Z and Beyonce. Police responded to the situation.

Now, Jay-Z's fans are excited following the latest news. The Shade Room has just revealed Beyonce's hubby's latest plans.

It seems that Jay-Z and RocNation are making money moves and the NFL is getting to improve its image in this process.

TSR quotes the Washington Post and writes that 'The NFL is reportedly forming a partnership with Jay-Z that will put him in charge of managing some entertainment options for the league, which will also tie into the sport’s social justice efforts.'

TSR continues and says this: 'Thanks to this partnership, Roc nation will reportedly co-produce the #SuperBowl halftime show, meaning they will choose entertainers who will perform in NFL content throughout the season.'

It seems that this deal doesn't include a provision for Hov to be the halftime performer, according to both Jay-Z and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Somoene wrote: 'Beyoncé performing at the Super Bowl for the next 5 years! I’m here for it.'

One other commenter wrote: 'Jay-Z While you’re there tell them to stop discriminating against @kaepernick7 and sign him to a team.'

Someone posted: 'Bro Jay Z really like changing everything. He needs to be SUPER PROTECTED because he’s doing things I ain’t never seen or heard a Black Man in the RAP INDUSTRY do.'

One other person stated: 'Jay Z moves with strategy and that’s why he’s a business.. man🙌🏾'

Somoene else said this: 'Soooooo is Kap returning then. Bc the NFL going this "social justice" route without the guy that's lost his job bc of this very thing, is kind of hypocritical. Love Jay but y'all let me know when they sign Kap next. 💯'

What do you think about Jay-Z's latest move?

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