Amanda Kloots Reveals That She Is Hoping For A Double Lung Transplant For Nick Cordero

Amanda Kloots Reveals That She Is Hoping For A Double Lung Transplant For Nick Cordero
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During her appearence on CBS This Morning, Nick Cordero's wife, Amanda Kloots, revealed how her man is doing amid his coronavirus health scare that has nearly cost him his life. Billboard reported this morning that Kloots, in her own words, is doing the "ICU dance."

As followers of Nick's case know, he woke up from a medically induced coma and had to get one of his legs taken off to combat the blood clotting medication that nearly killed him. During her conversation with Gayle King, Cordero's wife claimed she just wanted it to all be over.

She claimed it felt as if she's been going around and around in a hamster wheel. Regarding what she thinks the doctors will do, Amanda says she and the rest of the medical professionals believe he'll need a double lung transplant due to the damage done by his lungs.

Doctors had previously told her that the virus made his lungs seem as if he had been smoking for fifty years, despite the fact he hasn't picked up a cigarette.

Kloots added that she and the doctors believe that a double lung transplant is the best option for him to live a life he'd like to live in the future. In the past, doctors also told her to say goodbye to Nick because it was possible he wouldn't make it.

The star said it wasn't her right to let Nick go yet. It's up to God and she's praying that her husband will make it. The fitness instructor said that Nick is struggling every day to live. He wants to make it through, and as long as he's doing it, she'll fight alongside him.

As it was previously reported, Nick was diagnosed with the coronavirus earlier this year just before the pandemic really took hold in the United States of America.

After being hospitalized for what doctors thought was just pneumonia, they discovered he had the coronavirus, and his battle continued from there.

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