Nick Cordero's Wife Amanda Kloots Says She Was Told To Say Goodbye To Her Husband

Nick Cordero's Wife Amanda Kloots Says She Was Told To Say Goodbye To Her Husband
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Amanda Kloots, the wife of the Broadway actor, Nick Cordero, isn't about to give up on her husband yet, a new report from People Magazine revealed. Amanda explained how she's been handling herself ever since her husband was hospitalized earlier this year.

On Wednesday, Kloots shared a black-and-white photo of Nick hugging and kissing their son, Elvis, 11. Kloots wrote in the caption that she's been told a few times now by medical professionals that Nick wasn't going to make it, but she's refusing to give up.

Doctors told her it would take a "miracle" for Nick to make it through. But Amanda says she has "faith," and even though it's small, it's all a person needs sometimes. With a bit of faith, Kloots explained, it's very possible Nick will recover.

As it was previously reported, Nick was afflicted by a lung infection this past month. On her Instagram Stories, Kloots explained how she was going through a tough time because of Nick's slowly deteriorating condition.

As followers of the actor's family know, Amanda has been taking to her Instagram account on a regular basis to let the world know how her husband has been faring. She has been doing everything in her power to remain positive amid his coronavirus struggle.

For instance, earlier this weekend, Amanda shared another photo of her and Nick around the same time that he had written a heartfelt Valentine's Day note for her. Nick wrote in the note that the future "was uncertain," but he would always be there for her.

There's no doubt that Nick's fight with COVID-19 has been tough on her, but as it was noted above, she has continued to keep herself upbeat by sharing old Instagram photos, videos, and heartfelt notes shared between herself and Nick.

According to People Magazine, Amanda and her family created a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs for Nick's medical bills. The Broadway actor had one of his limbs amputated t o help increase blood flow around the same time that doctors had to take him off blood-clotting medication.

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