Nick Cordero Put On Pacemaker Following COVID-19 Amputation

Nick Cordero Put On Pacemaker Following COVID-19 Amputation
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Amanda Kloots, Nick Cordero's wife, recently took to her Instagram Story to tell the world how her husband has been doing ever since he was hospitalized following a COVID-19 diagnosis. If you followed the story, you'd know that Nick has had it particularly bad.

Reports from earlier this month confirmed that the Broadway actor had to have his leg removed due to a failure of blood-thinning medication. According to The Wrap, Kloots took to her Instagram on Friday to reveal that her man had some irregular heart-beating the previous night.

The doctors were frightened enough to decide to use a temporary pacemaker in Nick's heart. While his heart is working, there have been dips and fluctuations in his heart rate, thus, doctors chose to install a temporary pacemaker to make sure he recovers back to full health.

According to Kloots, the surgery went down without any problems and Nick is now doing ok. As it was previously reported, Nick has been in the hospital for the last month following his COVID-19 diagnosis. The Tony-nominated actor was, at one point, unconscious and using a ventilator.

On her IG Story, Kloots said her husband was really struggling and had to have his leg amputated to save his life - doctors claimed it was the only way. She claimed there were blood-thinning issues from using the ventilator.

According to Kloots, there are repercussions to using some medical equipment, including blood problems, particularly, thinning. It wound up causing problems in his leg, but since then, Amanda confirmed that her man has tested negative for two coronavirus tests.

Doctors are now getting Cordero back to tip-top shape. They plan to get him off of the ventilator sometime in the next week. Currently, it's not known why Cordero suffered so much from COVID-19, considering he isn't over 65-years-old.

According to the CDC, senior citizens and individuals with pre-existing conditions are at the highest risk of death from COVID-19, especially diabetes, heart problems, and other ailments associated with obesity.

It's possible Nick has a pre-existing condition but this hasn't been confirmed by any official parties.

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