Alicia Keys Pays Touching Tribute To Her 'Unstoppable' Son Amid The Black Lives Matter Protests

Alicia Keys Pays Touching Tribute To Her 'Unstoppable' Son Amid The Black Lives Matter Protests
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Amid everything that's been going on, the singer felt like paying tribute to her 5 year old son was the right thing to do. That being said, Alicia Keys took to her platform to post a touching message dedicated to the child who she called ‘unstoppable’ amongst other loving descriptors.

While the Black Lives Matter movement is still in full force in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing, Alicia posted a powerful message about her child’s future in an unfair world.

As fans know, the artist shares Genesis with her husband Swizz Beatz and he is their whole world!

‘My beautiful baby boy / So curious and pure / Yet SO clear about what you don't want. / ‘'NO!' you say with vigor / When you don't like something going on in your small but powerful five-year-old-world⁣ / I hope that never changes,’ the poem in the caption reads.

It goes on to say that ‘I hope your inner strength and fire never extinguishes. And you never feel that sway to fit in or to be silenced / I have a STRONG feeling you won't. / That is just not the fabric from which you came. Look at you. / Future architect, Builder, Mastermind, Wisdom-keeper, Re shaper, Change-maker...My Beautiful Baby Boy⁣/ You are unstoppable!!!’

How sweet and touching is this post? Finally, Alicia ended her poem with the Black Lives Matter hashtag and told her followers about the link in her bio meant to inform people on how they can contribute to achieving a change.

Alongside the poem, the proud mother also posted two snaps of her son, his bright smile on display.

One of them showed the little boy building a tower while another was of him innocently playing in a puddle.

This is not the first time Alicia shares a poem.

Just a few days ago, she reacted to the tragedy and protest by posting another piece of personal poetry meant to serve as a prayer.

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