Alexis Skyy Reportedly Wants To Be Rob Kardashian's Baby Mama No 2

Alexis Skyy Reportedly Wants To Be Rob Kardashian's Baby Mama No 2
Credit: Source: People

Alexis Skyy is reportedly ready to take things to the next level with Rob Kardashian . After a few weeks of dating, the model allegedly wants to have Rob's baby — and his family isn't happy about it.

It's not that Rob's siblings hate Skyy, but they are worried that their romance is nothing more than a rebound. An insider claims that Rob's celebrity sisters believe he is only using Skyy to get back at his first baby mama, Blac Chyna, and that having another baby would be a bad idea.

"Rob's sisters are hopeful that things will work out between Rob and Alexis," the source dished. "But none of them think that it will at all. They all really believe that Rob is using this girl to get back at Blac Chyna."

According to The Hollywood Gossip , the insider noted that Rob has not denied that he is using Skyy to get revenge on Chyna. That said, Rob's siblings believe his budding romance has a chance to become something special, but only if he keeps it out of the public eye.

The only problem with that is Rob hasn't taken their advice to heart. With Rob flaunting their relationship to get back at Chyna, his sisters do not think the relationship is going to last.

As far as Skyy is concerned, she is reportedly all about having Rob's baby. Sources say the model is determined to have a Kardashian baby and has been very vocal about her pregnancy plans. Rob's famous sisters, however, think the baby talk is "gross."

While Rob is using Skyy to hurt Chyna, his baby mama isn't buying it. Chyna reportedly believes the two are faking their romance and that Skyy is using Rob to gain fame.

Chyna and Rob share one child together, Dream. Per their custody agreement, they are not allowed to introduce anyone to their daughter unless things get serious.

Although Rob's sisters are concerned about his new romance, his mom, Kris Jenner, is apparently loving every minute of it.

An insider claims that Jenner hopes Rob Kardashian can keep things going with Alexis Skyy because it will make for great material on the new season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.


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