AJ McLean Says His Daughter Wishes He Would've Quit The Backstreet Boys - Here's Why

AJ McLean Says His Daughter Wishes He Would've Quit The Backstreet Boys - Here's Why
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According to Entertainment Tonight - who chatted with AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys recently - AJ's daughter would like it if he stuck around the home more often. Kevin Frazier, from ET, spoke with the pop star at the premiere for the latest Avengers movie on Monday, where the star dished on his family situation.

In addition to discussing what it's like to tour and be on the road, AJ dished on his impending solo project as well as the last date of their residency in Las Vegas. AJ said that while his career is doing well, his children are suffering a bit because he doesn't spend as much time with him as he would like to.

McLean shares two kids with his wife, Rochelle, Ava and Lyric, who are 6-years-old and 2-years-old respectively. The 6-year-old apparently asked AJ, "My oldest...asked can I stop being a Backstreet Boy and just be her dad."

It was a text message exchange that he had already revealed to the outlet at the ACM Awards near the beginning of April. The singer admitted that he has been super busy lately, and unfortunately, his kids haven't been able to see him.

McLean joked that such a comment is something that a teenager would say, and not a kindergartener. Continuing his conversation with the outlet, AJ explained that both of his young daughters are too smart for their age, and they understand the concept of time and how long he'll be gone for.

AJ and the rest of the group are currently gearing up to go on tour in Europe, and his kids aren't able to get out of school, so it means he won't get to see them for almost two months. Moreover, he and the rest of his family were recently displaced by the California wildfires.

As it was previously reported, the wildfires affected people in the Malibu area. Many celebrities were moved from their houses, as well as working-class people as well.

Regarding the new Avengers movie, AJ explained that Robert Downey Junior is actually a great friend of his, and he was thrilled to get the chance to see it.

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