Growing Up Hip Hop Star Vanessa Simmons Talks Kodak Black, #MeToo, And Her Uncle Russell Simmons' Rape Allegations

Growing Up Hip Hop Star Vanessa Simmons Talks Kodak Black, #MeToo, And Her Uncle Russell Simmons' Rape Allegations
Credit: Source: Hello Beautiful

Vanessa Simmons knows all about respect. During an interview on the Domenick Nati Show , the Growing Up Hip Hop star dished on her thoughts about Kodak Black’s recent behavior and the rape allegations surrounding her uncle, Russell Simmons.

Vanessa started the interview by talking about who is the biggest diva on the show. Although she was a little reluctant to name anyone, she ultimately revealed that Briana Latrise is easily the most dramatic member of the cast.

When it comes Kodak Black, Vanessa had no qualms about sharing her true feelings. Black has faced a lot of backlash over how he has treated members of the hip hop community, particularly its founders. In light of the controversy, Vanessa slammed Black for being disrespectful and not honoring those who paved the way.

“He’s made some out of pocket comments,” Vanessa shared.

Vanessa was also asked about her thoughts on the #MeToo movement. The reality star revealed that she is a big supporter of the movement and thinks it is great to see so many women come forward with their stories of sexual abuse. She also expressed some frustration with how some people are taking advantage of the movement and falsifying reports.

The #MeToo talk naturally led to questions about Vanessa’s uncle, Russell Simmons , who has been accused of rape and sexual assault. Several women have come forward with allegations of both sexual misconduct and rape, resulting in some significant consequences for the family.

For her part, Vanessa Simmons refused to talk about Russell’s scandal. She did, however, admitted that the entire situation has been difficult for her family and it “pretty tough” to deal with. Shortly after the controversy made headlines, Russell stepped down from his leadership position at Def Jam Records.

Growing Up Hip Hop recently wrapped up its fourth season on WE tv. A new spin-off of the series is scheduled to premiere this summer.


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