Adele Looks Unrecognizable In Black Leggings And Tight Top After Losing 100 Pounds!

Adele Looks Unrecognizable In Black Leggings And Tight Top After Losing 100 Pounds!
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It’s pretty hard to recognize Adele these days following her massive 100 pound weight loss! The singer looks like a completely different person after her transformation and this new pic of her in workout gear will convince you of that!

The star was caught on camera out and about wearing sports clothing including a shape fitting top and black leggings.

It was clear watching the singer wearing these items that, after shedding no less than 100 pounds, she now has a flat tummy, tiny waist and thin, toned legs!

It’s really safe to say that she looks like another person entirely and it might take people a while to get used to her new look.

People have already seen some pics of her from different events but she would obviously pose for those and they were not full body shots.

This is why the candid pics of her in casual, sporty clothing walking down the street are even more surprising and unbelievable!

As mentioned before, she was wearing a black workout shirt and matching leggings, both tight on her body, hiding nothing!

That being said, it was made obvious that she now has a really small waist, a flat belly and toned, thin legs.

To complete her workout outfit, Adele was also wearing a black Nike cap and matching trainers from the same brand.

While she was in workout gear, however, it did not look like she was heading to the gym since she was also wearing gold and silver bracelets on both of her wrists and even had some makeup on – red lipstick.

Furthermore, her nail color was black, matching the rest of her outfit. Check out the pics here !

As you may know, Adele has been focused on losing weight ever since her divorce from Simon Konecki back in April of 2019 so it’s possible it was her take of a ‘revenge body!’

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