Justin Bieber Hilariously Stumbles Through His Wedding Vows In New 'Seasons' Episode

Justin Bieber Hilariously Stumbles Through His Wedding Vows In New 'Seasons' Episode
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It looks like Justin Bieber was really nervous at his second, more formal wedding to Hailey Baldwin. The singer shared a video from their nuptials that showed him totally butchering his wedding vows as part of his new ‘Seasons’ documentary episode.

That’s right! Justin stumbled over his worlds a little while trying to recite his wedding vows back in September but it all ended up being a funny and memorable moment rather than something that ruined everything.

Justin just had to repeat the words the officiator had just said but he not only stumbled over the words a few times, he also resorted to asking questions.

As he and Hailey were standing there, holding hands, the officiator said: ‘In token and pledge of our constant faith.’

‘In token and pledge in our…token?’ Bieber asked, obviously nervous and confused.

The officiator repeated the line for him but he still didn’t get it, asking once more: ‘In token and pledge?’ getting the approval that ‘yes,’ that was correct.

Still, Justin tried to make sure it was right once again before asking: ‘What does that mean?’

As you can imagine, this got a lot of the wedding attendees laughing over how cute he was.

The whole thing was just part of the wedding’s charm and it definitely made it more memorable and fun.

This is what Hailey, the bride thought as she shared in a sit-down for the documentary that ‘Everything happened the exact way it was supposed to. I really believe that. Even all the little mishaps that might of happened and us stumbling over our words. Whatever it was, I think that it was so meant to be.’

The episode also featured the end of the ceremony when Hailey and Justin shared their first kiss as husband and wife and it was super sweet and romantic.

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