Adam Sandler And His Daughters Cover Taylor Swift Song Lover At Charity Event – Video Goes Viral

Adam Sandler And His Daughters Cover Taylor Swift Song Lover At Charity Event – Video Goes Viral
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Adam Sandler had a little help from his daughters during a recent charity performance.

On Sunday night, the comedian and singer did a 60-minute set at the charity event, ock4EB. The organization focuses on research, as well as funding for a rare and life-threatening skin disease EB.

Sandler did a mixture of singing and doing his iconic stand-up schtick. At one point during the Malibu event Sandler surprised the audience when he called out his two daughters to join him on stage. Sadie, age 13, and Sunny, age 10, obliged their famous father and agreed to perform with him.

"We're gonna sing a song! They've been so excited and nervous, but we're gonna sing a song. They saw Taylor Swift last night. We were at Saturday Night Live. That was a big night, man. Taylor Swift, holy s$&t. This is one of their favorite songs. We play this all the time, me and mommy and the two kids," the 50 First Dates actor shared with the crowd.

Sandler then stood there proudly playing the guitar as his baby girls belted out Swift's 'Lover,' which was one of the songs they saw the singer perform in person on SNL . Sadie and Sunny's performance earned them a standing ovation.

The girls did get a little chuckle from the audience when they changed the words Christmas lights in the song to Hanukkah lights. After they were done, Sandler took the time to thank those in attendance for letting his kids perform.

"Thank you for being so nice to them. They were dying to be a part of it. Girls, you did great! Sounded awesome, confident, and cool. I love you, now get out of here," the actor stated.

Adam Sandler's daughters Sunny and Sadie stole the show at a charity event last night. Social media has been blowing up praising their cover of Taylor Swift's 'Lover.' Some users have called the performance the best part of the evening.

There were several famous faces in the audience, including Julia Roberts, Sean Penn, Courteney Cox, Kaley Cuoco, Rami Malek, Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, Maude Apatow, Elizabeth Olsen, David Spade, and Cindy Crawford. However, according to their proud papa , the star-studded crowd did not faze his precious daughters at all.

The video has gone viral and is worth checking out. Sadie and Sunny definitely got heir dad's singing talent.

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