50 Cent Not Planning To Make Peace With Nemesis Wendy Williams - Here's Why!

50 Cent Not Planning To Make Peace With Nemesis Wendy Williams - Here's Why!
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Wendy Williams and 50 Cent have been at each other’s throats for a really long time but it turns out that the rapper is not planning on making peace with his nemesis. One insider report claims he does not want to give in to what he thinks is just ‘disrespect’ from the talk show’s host’s side.

As you may know, not too long ago, Wendy got candid about her past drug addiction and relapsing not too long ago.

Upon learning this, not only did 50 not feel any sympathy, he also took this opportunity to attack the woman once again, calling her a ‘crack head.’

Posting an unflattering pic of Wendy, 50 Cent captioned it: ‘I knew something was up with this b***h. It was drugs. She better not talk about me, then go to rehab every day. Crack Head. get the strap.’

People were a bit taken aback, and many wondered whether or not he’d crossed the line.

But it seems like the rapper has no intention of slowing down his insults since he feels like Wendy is also keeping the feud going.

In other words, no way is the rapper going to back down first!

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘50 Cent has no plans to end his feud with Wendy Williams. He feels she has disrespected him for years and will always fight back. 50 feels that Wendy causes a lot of drama so of course, he’s going to poke fun at her when he can. If she stopped beefing with him, maybe he’d hold back, but he’s not a fan of her and probably never will be.’

‘She’s crossed the line one too many times. 50 feels this feud has gone on for years now with no end in sight, so he finds it funny that people were reacting to his Instagram post.’

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