21 Savage Pays Tribute To His Recently Killed Brother

21 Savage Pays Tribute To His Recently Killed Brother
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2020 continues to be a hard year for many rappers. Page Six reported on a comment from 21 Savage this week in which he paid tribute to his little brother who was reportedly killed in London, England, the rapper's place of origin.

According to Page Six, Savage's brother was stabbed to death in the British city by an "old friend." Mr. Savage shared an Instagram post in which he commemorated his late brother, the 27-year-old, TM1way. The outlet claims he was a drill rapper.


In front of his 11.8 million followers, 21 Savage expressed remorse over having taken his "anger" out on him in the past, saying how he wished he could've taken it all back. Reportedly, the performing artist's brother was killed on Sunday in South London, Lambeth.

The Daily Mail spoke with an insider who claimed his brother was out with his grandmother for the day to help her with grocery shopping. The insider claimed he was on his way back to the house when he saw an old friend of his.

Reportedly, they started arguing over something, it escalated, and he wound up getting stabbed. The source described it as being "completely out of the blue." The insider went on to say that the "rockstar" rapper's brother didn't have any enemies and only focused on music.

Put simply, he wasn't affiliated with any organized crime, so it's not clear why he was killed. According to the friend, he was on his way up in the music industry, and a lot of people are "shocked" by his death because he had so many good things going for him.

Thus far, the London police haven't confirmed the identity of the victim, but he was pronounced deceased at the scene of the crime. The authorities haven't arrested anyone.


As most know, 21 Savage is originally from London , England, but he and his family moved to to the United States when he was just a young boy. 21 Savage went on to become a huge star in the Atlanta rap scene and is now one of the biggest rappers.

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