Roddy Ricch Sued By Former Landlords For Owing $200,000 In Unpaid Rent

Roddy Ricch Sued By Former Landlords For Owing $200,000 In Unpaid Rent
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Roddy Ricch has managed to foster a career for himself in the music business while at the same time avoiding the pitfalls of fame, like attention from paparazzi, drugs, and other celebrity nuisances. Hot New Hip Hop reported today, however, that "The Box" rapper has found himself in a legal battle.

The outlet claims Mr. Ricch was recently targeted by a lawsuit regarding unpaid rent. According to HNHH, Ricch had a fantastic year in 2020, including the release of his #1 album, Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial, in addition to his award for Best Rap/Hip-Hop album.

This is just a blip in an otherwise stellar track record in 2020. Mr. Ricch has been sued for unpaid rent to the tune of $200,000, the outlet claims. The Blast was the first to pick up on court documents in which it was alleged that Ricch has been sued by AIM Property Investment, Inc, who says the rapper hasn't paid his rent.

According to The Blast, Ricch didn't pay $200,000 in rent and also returned the property to its owner in poor condition. Located in Encino, California, the residence was occupied by Mr. Ricch at the start of April but Ricch stopped paying rent in July.

Roddy was previously paying out around $15,950 per month. In August, Roddy no longer wanted to pay the rent for the home, so he began moving out, however, the landlord says he broke the year-long lease agreement so now they want him to pay for the entire year.

Moreover, the court documents claim that Mr. Ricch has damaged the property so badly that it hasn't been rented out by anyone ever since he left. The lawsuit claims Ricch should be held accountable for not only the unpaid rent but also the damages as well.

Coincidentally, other rappers have been in the headlines for similar reasons this year, including Tyga, who reportedly was sued yet again for unpaid rent.


Tyga responded with an Instagram post in which he was lying beside around 5-6 beautiful women, as a way of saying that he was doing a lot better than the tabloids have stated.

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