21 Savage In More Trouble Following Unearthed Report From 2016 Which Claims The Rapper Stole $17,000

21 Savage In More Trouble Following Unearthed Report From 2016 Which Claims The Rapper Stole $17,000
Credit: Source: Complex.com

According to a report from TMZ, 21 Savage abruptly canceled his gig at a concert in 2016 after complaining about one of the opening acts. The rapper supposedly asked for permission to carry his firearm - claims the promoter who booked him there.

Karen Smith, the promoter who spoke with the entertainment news outlet, claims she booked 21 Savage for a fee of approximately $17,000. Mr. Abraham-Joseph was supposed to play a show back in September 2016. It was at the Bo'Maz Club in Hinesville, Georgia, but 21 Savage and all of his entourage suddenly got up and left.

The rapper told the promoter that she was supposed to cut the opening act's set short for whatever reasons, but she refused to, leading 21 Savage to leave with all of his friends. Obtained by TMZ, a video from the publication shows a local rapper on stage when 21 and the rest of his crew leave.

The promoter filed a report in October 2016 for theft by deception when he walked off with $17,000 while never actually performing at the venue. Following 21 Savage's arrest on Super Bowl Sunday by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, the club owner went to the sheriff to try and make the case an official criminal pursuit.

On Friday morning, Savage turned himself in and he was booked for a felony by deception but was released within a half-an-hour. When TMZ reached out to the rapper's lawyer, Abbi Taylor, she claimed 21 Savage had done nothing to warrant any kind of arrest.

As it was reported previously, this is just yet another problem for 21 Savage to rear its head. He was arrested by ICE last week for outstaying a visa issued in 2005.

The rapper apparently applied for a Visa in 2017 after realizing he was an illegal immigrant, and he'd been waiting since then. Despite the fact, 21 Savage appears to have a virulent criminal past, many people on social media, as well as those in the entertainment industry, have vociferously defended him.

There's no question that 21 Savage is a valued member of society, especially in the music industry, however, his criminal history leaves the general public with a bad taste in their mouths. One can easily see that fact in comment sections all over social media.

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