Zonnique Pullins' Recent Photo Shocks Fans - Check Out Her Eyes!

Zonnique Pullins' Recent Photo Shocks Fans - Check Out Her Eyes!
Credit: BET

Zonnique Pullins shared a photo from when she used to have two different eye colors. Check out the pic below.

'throwback to having two different color eyes and every picture coming out like this....real hot girl shit🔥😭' Zonnique captioned her post.

Just in case you don't know, Zonnique took after her mom a long time ago and had eye surgery in order to change her eye color to blue.

While Tiny Harris' surgery went well, and the result was great, Zonnique had some complications that made her have another surgery to change the color of her eyes back to her natural one.

A fan said: 'I can only imagine your reaction the first time you saw your picture turn out like this. 😂😍'

Another follower posted: 'You think they could handle all that heat? ❄️you had to cool off before they could lookit 🔥'

Someone wrote: 'I love how you carry yourself Nique 😘' and a follower shared: 'She’s so perfect to me such a lady!'

One commenter posted: '🔥🔥🔥....you looking like the sweetest taboo ha ha ha... @sade ... do you agree @zonniquejailee 😍‼️'

One fan said: 'Rock the hell out of that💯even tho you went through so much💪🏾💯🔥'

Not too long ago, Zonnique posted a short clip on her social media account.

She’s wearing a flawless makeup, and her curly hair looks great. She’s also spreading some cute neon vibes as she’s wearing a green top.

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