Young Thug Shares Photo From Hospital After Showing Love For Lil Nas X

Young Thug Shares Photo From Hospital After Showing Love For Lil Nas X
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Young Thug was apparently in the hospital, as the rapper recently shared a new photo of himself on a hospital bed with an IV sticking out of his arm.

It is not clear what exactly happened, but the rapper could only joke about the situation, claiming that “I think it’s cause I’m still #1.”

He could also be seen snacking on some chips, and it looks like he was not having that bad of a time on his hospital bed anyway.

Some of his fans have immediately started to speculate about the possible cause of his hospitalization, but there has been no official confirmation from the rapper or his representatives so far.

This is not the first time fans have heard reports of Young Thug being in a hospital either, as the rapper seems to find himself in such situations with his reckless behavior frequently.

Which, to his credit, is exactly what many of his fans know and love him for in the first place.

It would not be surprising if this trip to the hospital turned out to be about something relatively minor, although it will likely take some time before the rapper decides to come out with the truth.

In the meantime, he has been taking the opportunity to rest and relax and has been enjoying the extra attention that the incident has brought to him at the moment.

To his credit, he does seem to have many of his fans quite worried, so it looks like he still has a very large following behind his back.

In a new interview with Big, Boy Thugger, he addressed the rumors about his sexuality and praised Lil Nas X.

He said: “People judge me and say ‘gay.’ If people think that I’m gay, they’ve already misjudged. I’m the straightest man in the world. I got stylists around me. I got gay people around me that’s always around me. I don’t judge. He’s a kid, so I don’t know if he gon’ be able to take what comes. I’m the first rapper that they kind of like came at hard with this. They came at Michael Jackson and Prince, [too]. But, I’m talking hip-hop. I know how strong I had to be.”

The hip-hop artist is enjoying a form of rebirth in his career.

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