Young Thug Engages In Bad Social Media Feud With French Montana After His Kendrick Lamar Comments

Young Thug Engages In Bad Social Media Feud With French Montana After His Kendrick Lamar Comments
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Fans of French Montana may have to come to bat for him in the next few days. As it was previously reported, French Montana recently said in an interview that if he were to perform alongside Kendrick Lamar at a festival, it would be difficult for the "Humble" rapper to compete, on account of Montana's slew of hits.

Montana, while clearly showing respect for Kendrick, said the artist had "masterpieces," but he had a lot more hits than him. In other words, Montana insinuated his back catalog of recordings would be more of a crowd-mover at a popular festival.

Montana's comments, while appearing to be quite tame, didn't go down well with a few people on social media. Moreover, even other rappers came out to criticize Montana, including Young Thug, whom Montana has been feuding with since yesterday.

Hot New Hip Hop reported on the Instagram feud which is documented in the various posts throughout this article. Last night, Young Thug took to his social media to address Montana's arguments about his own collection of hits compared to Lamar's.

Young Thug, obviously, doesn't think French Montana has the slew of songs that he thinks he does. You can check out the beginning of the feud in the Instagram post below:

The basic gist of Thugger's comments is that he genuinely doesn't believe Montana's hit singles even come close to what Kendrick Lamar has released over the last decade.

Furthermore, the two men went on to introduce other rapper's names in their feud, including 21 Savage, and then later, Gucci Mane chimed in and warned French Montana.

Thus far, it's not looking too good for either of the two parties, considering they're eager to continue the feud and not back down. However, many social media commenters have noted the COVID-19 pandemic, and how little the bad blood between them matters in comparison to the world's more pressing matters, including a potential global financial meltdown.

One commenter wrote beneath it all that maybe they should stop fighting over "petty rapper problems" and donate some of their wealth to help out struggling communities.


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