YFN Lucci Says That He And Young Thug's Boo, Jerrika Karlae Slept Together - See The Video

YFN Lucci Says That He And Young Thug's Boo, Jerrika Karlae Slept Together - See The Video
Credit: BET

Another day, another reason for people to bash Reginae Carer's on and off, BF, YFN Lucci. In the latest video that was shared by The Shade Room, he said that he slept with Young Thug's boo, Jerrika Karlae.

TSR wrote that 'Over the weekend Thugger & Lucci threw a whole bunch of shade at each other. The shade throwing started when Lucci posted on his IG story saying “cap a** album” in regards to Thugger’s album that just dropped.'

TSR continued and wrote that 'Thugger then responded in his own post saying “If ain [I ain't] like what you do for your mother and kids I would’ve been killed you.” That’s when Lucci then pulled the trigger and came at Thugger’s girl claiming that he’s slept with her.'

Jerrika denied all these claims on Twitter, and she told Reginae to go and get her man.

As expected, people bashed Lucci in the comments.

Someone said: 'So basically Lucci begging to get shot up, thugga all the way about that life dress or not 🤣'

Another follower posted: 'Moral of the story.. he ain’t thinking bout no damn Reginae. Hope she moved on for good this time.'

One commenter wrote: 'Lucci mad corny! But Regina doesn’t have anything to do with it Karlae🤦🏽‍♀️'

Somoene else shared: 'He said “I can’t speak on that” And proceeded to speak on it 🤣'

One other person said: 'You should’ve never said anything to reginae sis that’s between you and him cuss him out! 😒 she didn’t come for you, then tried to say beautiful after trying to come at her neck??? Please stop it Fr.'

Someone asked: 'Even if you slept with her, why are you going around talking about it?'

Not too long ago, Lucci found himself in hot water again after he shared a photo on his social media account, and he captioned it with some really degrading words.


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