Whoopi Goldberg Reveals That Sister Act 3 Is Coming Out

Whoopi Goldberg Reveals That Sister Act 3 Is Coming Out
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The New York Post reported today that Whoopi Goldberg came out to confirm a new Sister's Act movie, Sister's Act 3. Goldberg stopped by for a virtual appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Tuesday where she announced the great news.

The 64-year-old made the announcement after Corden asked her why a sequel never came to fruition. Goldberg said that for a long time, the studios were saying that no one would want to see it, however, after a few years, they changed their mind.

You can check out what Whoopi had to say for herself below:

For the sake of pleasing old fans of the series, The View co-host claims that she's trying her hardest to figure out a way to get the old cast and crew together again to make a new installment of the successful comedy franchise.

The original Sister's Act was about a singer who was forced to join a sisterhood after being placed in the Witness Protection Program. The movie spawned a sequel, and now, as it turns out, there will be another one.

At the moment, Goldberg has a role in the CBS series, The Stand, based on Stephen King's book of the same name. Coincidentally, the series follows a post-apocalyptic world which some have compared to the current situation internationally.

Goldberg has been in the headlines for other reasons this year, including when she and Meghan McCain went to war with each other for the umpteenth time . Whoopi and Meghan didn't share the same view on the $3 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package.

Reportedly, things between Whoopi and McCain got so intense that the producers chose to cut to a commercial break. Joy Behar was just one co-host who praised the Democrats for getting the relief bill passed through, whereas Meghan described it as a "democrat wish list."

Fans of The View know that the program has changed in tonality ever since the coronavirus pandemic took off. The stars of the show have been forced to film their parts from home, not unlike other daytime television series.

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